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Obstacles that exist within our youth can be closely connected to the lack of exposure to a positive environment, people and opportunities that can redirect a person’s future.

PAOB’s Program

PAOB’s Youth Enrichment Tours Program was developed to create opportunities for youth to explore different environments other than where they live. A youth’s perception is built by their surroundings. If these surrounding rarely change it may result in limited growth of a person’s ambition, personality, drive, and influences. In this program youth participate in area tours to various businesses, sites, restaurants, and more. Participants of these tours enjoy a day of travel on a tour bus while being mentored by PAOB professionals and partners on leadership, diversity, education, community involvement, and future business opportunities. These tours provide great exposure to those looking to grow in their understanding of opportunities that exist within their area and beyond, not to mention creating lasting memories.

Target Demographic

• Elementary School Students
• Young Adults

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Here are the ways you can participate:

Program Sponsor: Sponsors are branded with this program via online media, promotional print campaigns, social campaigns, event mentions, press development and more.

Service Contributor: Companies and organizations are welcome to provide company tour locations, food accommodations and entertainment experiences.

Program Sponsors (Including Contributors): Sponsors are branded with this program via online media, promotional print campaigns, social campaigns, event mentions, press development and more. Start by submitting a program participant form and a representative will contact you with further details.

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PAOB’s Program Advantage

PAOB programs are supported by PAOB’s development council and special volunteers are assigned that handle key details of each program. At PAOB we understand that program awareness as well as providing awareness opportunities for our participants are equally important. Each program and their participants enjoy valuable public relations, media and press support from the PAOB Press Network that takes typical sponsorship involvement to the next level. The PAOB is dedicated to aggressively supporting our participants as their support ignites our programs.

Participant Appreciation

Thank you to all the participants that have supported this program. Learn more about our amazing supporters below.

Richard Bowling Elementary School, Act-Up Integrated Youth Services, Dr. James Newby, II, Regent University, Frankie’s Place For Ribs, WVEC News Studios, Sinclair Communications Radio Stations, Blizzard Coach Tours, The Norfolk Police Community Resource Officers, Quality Hands And Hearts Home Care, Cinema Café Movie, Theaters, BINCHMARK Marketing & Agency Services, Dr. Sandeep Samudre, Beverly Zimmerman-Wright (Realtor), Karen Clements.

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