See what President of Chelsea Design-Build Services had to say about her expereince attending a PAOB ADVANCE Small Business Workshop Tour event.
I just have to tell you that the PAOB’s Advance Small Business Workshop exceeded all my expectations. I knew the PAOB would pull together a good program, but this meeting blew me away. The workshop presented content that was relevant, practical, useful and at times hard-hitting. Best of all, this PAOB workshop shared what the right questions are that we as business owners should be asking ourselves. Questions that demand serious, honest introspection. Questions that are the catalyst for revelation, which in turn enables us to make our own unique decisions that ensure business growth and success.

Getting those questions was a far better gift than being spoon-fed the broad-based, pat “answers” that my jaded mind has come to expect from typical business workshops. Fortunately, the PAOB is anything but typical! Kudos to the PAOB for dragging us outside of the box once again. Keep up the excellent work! I'm looking forward to the next workshop.
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