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Q1   Why members seek membership with the PAOB?
Individuals, professionals, and organizations seek membership into the PAOB for development support with their business, projects, special campaigns, etc. Individuals also seek support in developing their own community initiatives if any exist and to be involved in community programs by the PAOB where possible. The PAOB is not a networking group, nonprofit organization, promotions, or customer lead generating resource. Leaders look to PAOB for guidance or support to elevate within their field of business or to strategically increase their involvement within the community.
Q2   What are members' responsibilities?
Members' responsibilities are to be knowledgeable of the PAOB's mission, purpose, and to be active in the growth of their business or organization and maintain ongoing community involvement where possible.
Q3   What type of services does the PAOB provide its members or the community?
The PAOB works to be a resource to its members as well as the community. We offer services that help increase awareness for your community developments, great sponsorship opportunities to services that are the missing link to your projects growth.

Is the PAOB active in the community?
Certainly. Considering the PAOB is not a non-profit tax exempt organization with only a select membership base makes the example that any support to the community by the PAOB is paid directly in service from the PAOB or in collaboration with its members which relates to our mission. Most PAOB members have and already contribute to the community in multiple ways aside from their membership in the PAOB.


Is the PAOB a non-profit organization?
No. The PAOB is a private membership based group.


What is PAOB’s goal?
The goal of the PAOB is to seek out select individuals that would complement the PAOB membership and more importantly its mission.


Can anyone join the PAOB?
Anyone is welcome to apply for membership, however not everyone will be accepted for membership.


How does my company or organization become a partner of the PAOB?
A company or organization must be a member before a partnership with the PAOB can be considered.


How can I submit for assistance with development of my non-profit organization, campaign, or fundraising event?
You can submit an online request form. Only non-profit, tax exempt charitable organizations can request assistance.


Can I use your public event calendar? If so, how do I submit an event listing for posting consideration?
Yes. Submissions for event posting consideration can be sent to


I have submitted for membership and I haven’t heard back yet, what should I do?
Please be patient. The review process allows us to determine your membership eligibility.


What types of members does the PAOB look for?
You can review the profile of the type of member the PAOB looks for.


Does the PAOB have social events?
The PAOB is not based on social events for members. However, events developed by the PAOB are identified and reflected on the PAOB’s website home page, Facebook fan page or events calendar.


What services can I take advantage of from the PAOB if I am not a member?
Third parties are welcome to submit their event to our event calendar at no cost and are open to submit for press interviews, event coverage or highlights through PAOB’s Press Network.


Where is the PAOB headquartered?
Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Where can I learn about the PAOB’s history?
You can learn more about the PAOB by viewing our "About Us" page.

The PAOB works to create key programs that better our communities from youth education, small business, to multiple levels of community service. Your support is needed in maintaining and growing these essential community programs. Our programs fill a need by their purpose, development and the people they touch. You can support these programs by doing the following:
  Program Sponsor
To get the process started, please complete an online program interest form and a representative will contact you with more details. Thank you in advance for viewing this program. Awareness is the start. Review all PAOB programs.
PAOB membership, the membership that offers an advantage. Explore the difference. Below are a few key benefits that our members enjoy:
  Project Development Consulting
  Global Media Utilization
  Targeted Community Involvement Opportunities
Get connected today and learn more about joining the association that is making an impact among today's professionals and the community. View additional benefits and membership requirements.
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