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Financial issues hit household families hard everyday. However, single family households endure an ever greater burden to keep up with monthly expenses.

PAOB’s Program

PAOB's Home Saver Project seeks to bring together professionals to assist in the repairs needed for this single family home.

Program Recipient | The Overkamp Family

The PAOB is proud to support the Overkamp family with PAOB's Home Saver Project. Katherine Overkamp, a single mother has experienced true hardships and her home is currently without a heating and cooling system, has structural damage and electric wiring issues. With funds at an all time low and with three sons that include a son new to the military, the second graduating from ODU and last in high school, this 911 responder and military veteran is working to take care of her family. Katherine's story reached the PAOB through a fellow PAOB member, Norfolk's Vice Mayor, Angelia Williams.

Home Details

Home Specs: 2 Bedrooms, Built 1947, Sq Footage 878
Home Issues: No Central Air Conditioning, Wiring Issues
Home Located: Norfolk, VA

Comments: The entire home uses heating panels to heat the home that don't work. From the review by the electrician he has never seen this type of system in his career. A total of approximately 4-6 panels exists. The kitchen is small and barley functional with a window broken from the kitchen to the backyard that allows air in. The roof leaked at one time and left behind water damage in the attic where the mother has her bedroom. Three space heaters are being used to heat the home. From the review by the electrician he was unable to see how the home was completely wired from his limited resources to go further. He was able to fix the light switch in the sons bedroom that was not active for over ten years.

The electrician was also able to find a metal shard logged in the electricial outlet next to the bed of Ms. Overkamp that he advised was extremely hazardous. The shard was removed. While living in harsh conditions Ms. Overkamp is requesting assistance of any kind to assist in the repairs of her home that she is unable to do on a single income.

Get Involved Today

The following is an overview of the participants needed for this initiative.

Heating & Cooling Company: Licensed individuals or a company are needed to contribute time and services necessary to install a full heating and cooling system in the residential home.

Contractor: Individuals or a company are needed to contribute time and services necessary to remodel the kitchen of the residential home.

Service Contributor: Individuals or companies are needed to donate building supplies to remodel the kitchen of the home and a full heating and cooling system.

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Participant Appreciation

Thank you to all the participants that have supported this program. Learn more about our amazing supporters below.

Professional Association of Businesses
• Angelia Williams (Norfolk Vice Mayor)
• Gary Mason (Premier Electrical Services Inc.)


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