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The PAOB Press Network (PPN) is comprised of multiple news, media, and promotion outlets owned and operated by the Professional Association of Businesses (PAOB). PPN consists of Billboard News, Billboard News Direct, Reach Magazine, PAOB TV and

Press has its setbacks.

News coverage today it is typically rushed and sometimes miss key details because of other competing stories and time allotted to tell the story. News recaps can also be difficult to find as some media outlets do not archive all of their news postings or they expire after a short period of time. This inability to locate previous media coverage can have an effect on the credibility and support that comes along with individuals who look for this material to make decisions. With PPN we work to help you nurture a story before and after it’s over and make it easier for individuals to obtain opportunities for professional news coverage.

Why is PPN a good choice?

• PPN was designed to give more attention to how community news is generated.
• PPN allows news stories to be easily referenced weeks after a story has run.
• PPN accompanies a story with key imaging whenever possible.
• PPN combines multiple forms of other media to extend the reach of a story.
• PPN spends more time on professional segment production.

Giving grassroots developments, initiatives and projects its due attention to build a quality news story.

PPN offers a new a refreshing approach to covering community driven news and happenings. While PPN's network at this time does not compete with other major networks backed by an ABC or NBC, we have taken grassroots efforts to the next level with highly competitive news formation ability coupled with strategically getting news to thousands of industry professionals, leaders and individuals within Northern States, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida through mass e-mail news campaigns, online campaigns, webcasts, direct mail and special events.

We have seen the impact of creating and producing quality news segments and researchable articles as this ignites word of mouth and can turn a viewer into a supporter.

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