Welcome to Connect Advantage. Connect Advantage is a membership database created by the Professional Association of Businesses (PAOB) that centralizes valuable resources for indidviduals and professionals for business and community development and more. Access to this database is granted to PAOB members and press advocates and supporters of the positive global social initiative, Greater24. Extended access to this database is made available to approved applicants and third party partnerships.
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• Find inside information on various businesses and communities developments.
• Receive information on businesses, organizations and key resources.
• Review and submit job opportunities.
• Review and submit local and national events across our network.
• Read and submit articles on innovative projects and people.
• Find special offers on various services.
• Use our integrated social updating feature to inform our entire database of your updates.
• Receive news updates on special events, community projects and the people making an impact.

This database was created to provide direct access to those indidivuals seeking the information, support outlets and insightful articles that support building business and stronger communities.


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