We are focused on growing our communities.
The mission of the Professional Association of Businesses Board of Volunteers is to unite dedicated individuals to implement the strategies needed to better serve in the growth of local communities.

Leading Community Development

The PAOB focuses on three key areas of development. Workshops on topics from business development to youth mentoring are created through PAOB's Educational Development Programs. Community projects that support small business and charitable causes are developed under PAOB's Community Development Programs. Professionally capturing and broadcasting the work of the PAOB, its members, and their efforts to improve their communities is the emphases of PAOB's Media Relations Program. It is through these programs that PAOB’s commitment is seen and set a part.

Regardless of the multitude of programs created by the PAOB, no one organization is able to meet the need that exists throughout communities around the world. This is the primary reason for PAOB’s formation of the Board of Volunteers. Members of the Board of Volunteers are selected for their dedication and desire in supporting community projects. Members look to the board to utilize their time and resources that contribute to growth of these initiatives.

PAOB is solicited for assistance with a variety of charitable and humanitarian causes. Projects that are accepted to receive assistance from the PAOB are where our Board of Volunteers looks to participate.

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Board Members - Board of Volunteers
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Anthony Green Beverly Zimmerman-Wright
Stephanie Lambert Brad Furman
Karen Clements Nikki Smith
Hubert Pancho Jaketa Clark
Ken Roebuck Vonda Washington
The PAOB works to create key programs that better our communities from youth education, small business, to multiple levels of community service. Your support is needed in maintaining and growing these essential community programs. Our programs fill a need by their purpose, development and the people they touch. You can support these programs by doing the following:
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To get the process started, please complete an online program interest form and a representative will contact you with more details. Thank you in advance for viewing this program. Awareness is the start. Review all PAOB programs.
PAOB membership, the membership that offers an advantage. Explore the difference. Below are a few key benefits that our members enjoy:
  Project Development Consulting
  Global Media Utilization
  Targeted Community Involvement Opportunities
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