The key to our success if working with likeminded individuals, companies and organizations.
We appreciate your interest in becoming a PAOB member. The PAOB is a unique membership-based society of professionals that seek to influence sustainability through expanding their entrepreneurial endeavors alongside an emphasis for philanthropy. Applicants not only apply for membership to benefit themselves but to work alongside the PAOB in supporting community development. We also serve as an advocate for our members as we help them expand their credibility through involvement in various community development programs.

The PAOB attracts emerging and existing business and social leaders that seek assistance in growing business, community projects or both. At the PAOB, we are excited about supporting our members but look to identify those likeminded individuals that will add to the PAOB as well. The PAOB looks for more than one a directional relationship as this is one of the primary reasons for the success of our work.

The PAOB offers four membership tiers that include individuals, business professionals, corporations and nonprofit organizations.

Benefits of Acceptance:
Where innovation, development and community meet.
Project Development Consulting
Members can request one-on-one consultations on topics ranging from project planning, corporate presentations, sponsorship development strategies, promotion strategies, operations development, public relations and special event development.
PR Assistance
Members are eligible for PR assistance that can include press imaging development, social network campaign development, press release assistance, press release submission assistance, mass e-mail news alerts, online press postings and press video production.
Global Media Utilization
Members receive an enhanced online presence by utilizing PAOB’s Executive Profile or PAOB's Enterprise Pages that can be used alongside or in place of a preexisting online presence. These services can include video streaming inputs, professional video production, lite SEO services, content development assistance and content management assistance.
Key Business Service Resources
Members have access to discounts on top business marketing and presentation services that can include custom exhibit materials, web design, social network development and management, presentation services and design services.
Targeted Community Involvement Opportunities
Members have the opportunity to participate in various community activities through the PAOB that include PAOB lead programs or becoming a sponsor of a PAOB community campaign. PAOB projects, programs and community activity by PAOB members are supported by PAOB’s own press network, PPN.
An ideal PAOB member may currently be active in the community, seeks to become active through their involvement in the association or both.
An ideal PAOB member seeks to enhance their business, explore avenues for growth, and expand their relationships.
An ideal PAOB member seeks to establish positive mutually beneficial business relationships, and aspires to create mutually-beneficial business opportunities among fellow PAOB members and colleagues.
An ideal PAOB member seeks to offer quality service on a continuous basis within their perspective field of business.
An ideal PAOB member works to maintain a level of dedication, volunteerism, reciprocation, and drive within their business, community and among their colleagues.
{ Getting Started }
Click "Apply Now" and completely fill out the online application. Once we have received and reviewed your information we will contact you on the status of your application. We work continually to identify those that best meet our criteria as we work closely with our members and developing community programs.
COL(R) James W. Ireland
Director, Health Fair For Veterans
Montero Medical Missions
“As the Director, Health Fair For Veterans for Montero Medical Missions (501(c)(3)), I joined the Professional Association of Businesses (PAOB) to expand the development of my organization throughout the Chesapeake, VA and Hampton Roads region. The driving forces behind my decision to join are that the PAOB looks to create ways to support organizations, allows me to reach out through the association’s resources, and stimulate new ideas that will improve and grow my services in a highly organized, effective and professional manner.

The PAOB are hard working professionals that complement the goals and objectives of my service organization. I highly recommend PAOB to any organization or individual that wishes to expand their communications network, business tools, gain new insights and grow their business.”

Kelly A. Thorsby
Elizabeth City Area Chamber Of Commerce
“We at The Elizabeth City Area Chamber Of Commerce are thrilled to be active members of the Professional Association of Businesses (PAOB). This organization has become more than a membership, it is a partnership.

At the chamber, we are continuously holding events and spreading the word on the needs of our non-profit members and for profit members. One of the problems we face is finding the best venues to market them. The active members are forever present at nearly 100 events per year, but the inactive members are not even aware of our many events at times.

PAOB has helped to fill the void...”

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