Understanding our mission of the PAOB.
The mission of the Professional Association of Businesses (PAOB) is to serve as a supporting entity for business development, project consulting, and public relations for its members while also fostering initiatives aimed at building better communities.

Learn more about the association founded for the benefit of today’s professional and encouraging support for our local communities.

The Professional Association of Businesses (PAOB) is a membership-based association comprised of executives, business professionals, companies, and nonprofit organizations. Members are predominately selected by invitation from preexisting members, however individuals are encouraged to apply. The PAOB is a progressive association founded on the belief called "Approach 50/50", that the need to develop a successful business must be matched by the need to support the community. This balance is essential in maintaining sustainable economic growth and contributes to ongoing social change within our local communities. The PAOB provides quality and innovative services to meet the needs of its diverse membership. Members can take advantage of a variety of tools and resources provided by the PAOB that enhance their business and special projects to measuring their community involvement. With an inward concentration on building top-notch membership services and an outward approach on exposing the amazing community work produced by PAOB members, we are continually raising the bar on the power of membership.

We look to create a variety of diverse programs that impact local communities and add to the next generation.

The PAOB focuses on three key areas of community development. Workshops on topics from business development to youth mentoring are created through PAOB's Educational Development Programs. Community projects that support small business and charitable causes are developed under PAOB's Community Development Programs. Professionally capturing and broadcasting the work of the PAOB, its partners, and their efforts to improve their communities is the emphases of PAOB's Media Relations Program. It is through these programs that PAOB’s commitment is seen and set apart.

The PAOB was founded by understanding the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and their need to contribute to the community.

The PAOB was developed and founded by Binchmark (BMA). BMA is an award-winning, industry recognized, marketing and project development company. The PAOB provides a solution to professionals and businesses looking to get involved with the community while obtaining the comprehensive services necessary to build business competitiveness, credibility and increase overall awareness. Addressing these needs within this unique outlet is how BMA has continuously lived up to its name. BMA has a history of launching a myriad of business projects, including diverse marketing plans and strategies for medical groups, restaurants, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations. BMA has repeatedly achieved award-winning recognition for conception of innovative projects that make an impact in the community and the business world.

BMA's record is seen in its development of the Notice Today Network and BMA Project GIVE. In 2009 the Notice Today Network – formerly known as Hampton Roads LIVE/HRL was formed. HRL was a news media and television production outlet that provided multimedia news coverage via television, publishing, and online news distribution. The HRL TV show led a series of exclusive interviews with people such as Trans-Siberian Orchestra founder, Paul O’Neil; NASCAR driver, Jeffrey Earnhardt; the 12th President of the Philippines, Fidel Valdez Ramos; NBC Today Show co-host, Al Roker, Chief Technology Officer and Assistant to the President of the United States, Aneesh Chopra; and more.

In 2010, Hampton Roads LIVE/HRL was awarded the Commitment to Excellence Award for participation as a host site for the Bryant & Stratton College Internship Program. HRL stood with other worthy nominees including Sentara Family Medicine Physicians and the Virginia Beach Police Department.

In 2011, Hampton Roads LIVE/HRL was awarded the Silver Award Winner as Best of Business to Business for the Hampton Roads region for Best Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising by the Virginian Pilot and Inside Business.

In 2011, BMA launched BMA Project GIVE, an initiative to support charitable and non-profit causes by providing discounted or pro-bono development services, professional media services and volunteer hours. In 2012, BMA Project GIVE was awarded the 2012 Community Move Maker Award for service contributions and development efforts to help non-profit organizations and special causes by the non-profit Teens With a Purpose with NBC’s Today Show co-host, Al Roker.

It is BMA’s ever-evolving methodologies and dedication to the enhancement today’s business professional and local communities that lead to the establishment of the PAOB.

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The PAOB works to create key programs that better our communities from youth education, small business, to multiple levels of community service. Your support is needed in maintaining and growing these essential community programs. Our programs fill a need by their purpose, development and the people they touch. You can support these programs by doing the following:
  Program Sponsor
To get the process started, please complete an online program interest form and a representative will contact you with more details. Thank you in advance for viewing this program. Awareness is the start. Review all PAOB programs.
PAOB membership, the membership that offers an advantage. Explore the difference. Below are a few key benefits that our members enjoy:
  Project Development Consulting
  Global Media Utilization
  Targeted Community Involvement Opportunities
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