LENDAHAND is a 501(c)(3) organization supplying teams of workers that provide labor and skills to Build, Serve, and Heal on construction, teaching, humanitarian, and medical campaigns around the world. We provide the opportunity; you provide your knowledge and willingness to share in the work. LENDAHAND offers opportunities for all types of laborers to include Teachers; Construction, Medical, and Culinary Professionals; Counselors; Contractors; and Health Service Professionals.

Bobby and Kathryn Hoyle founded LENDAHAND in 2001. LENDAHAND has a governing Board of Directors consisting of nine professionals. LENDAHAND is committed to the needs of suffering humanity whether physical or spiritual. We respond to needs as requested with the skills, talents, and resources that are made available. As of March 2013, LENDAHAND has sent fifty-eight Teams into Central and South America to help Build, Serve, and Heal.

LENDAHAND empowers people to operate in their gifts and talents. We’d love to have you lend your hand to Build, Serve, and Heal! Your life will never be the same as you give your time, talents, and treasure to the needy. Join us to:

(1.) Build  
By constructing orphanages, parsonages, school buildings, kitchens, community centers, and churches.
    Building is most often the cornerstone of a LENDAHAND Team project. Supplies for the project are pre-purchased, transported, and arranged on site. Team members immediately begin pouring concrete, laying cinder block, and erecting trusses. Local villagers...
(2.) Serve   By ministering humanitarian aid and hope to the poor and hungry through teaching and feeding.
    Serving is often done concurrently during a building project. Teams conduct all types of exciting and unique educational activities for local children. Teams lead children in stories, arts and crafts, puppets, games, snacks, music, and learning...
(3.) Heal   By providing free medical care and supplies to those in need through our volunteer medical professionals and medial suppliers.
    LENDAHAND Teams also feed the poor with their Food Service Teams! LENDAHAND’s dedicated food preparers, cooks, and bottle/dish washers provide nutritious, filling, and tasty food for children, staff, and everyone participating in the trip...
Packing Up  
Trips are usually ten days in length and most people use their vacation to participate. The cost of the trip covers all airfare, meals, lodging, insurance, and ground transportation. If there is a language barrier, translators are provided. Team members are responsible for immunizations, passport, and personal fund raising.
Our Needs   LENDAHAND Teams constantly need school supplies, teaching materials (in Spanish), medical supplies, dental supplies, first aid materials, medicines (with current dates), toys, counseling materials, construction tools, and finances. We prefer to purchase items in-country rather than incurring the cost of shipping or paying for an extra bag through the airlines and customs. Purchasing items in-country also lends support to the host and their local economy.
Our Method   We make the need known, for example, a construction project, through social media and word-of-mouth. As that need resonates with families, individuals, organizations, churches, and/or businesses, they sponsor that need. They respond by donating sufficient funds to cover the cost of building materials. Those funds are sent to our in-country host to purchase the building materials locally and have them delivered to the construction site. LENDAHAND Volunteers who want to participate on a Team will raise their own funds to go build the orphanages, parsonages, school buildings, kitchens, community centers, and churches.
Fundraising   LENDAHAND does not directly solicit funds. However, if someone wants to donate directly to LENDAHAND for a specific project or campaign, the funds are dedicated to the project which the donor designates. If a donor desires to build a facility in honor of, or in memory of someone, please contact us. Your organization’s participation is very important and always welcomed. Two organizations recently partnered together with LENDAHAND in a Construction Campaign for the needy in Guatemala and the building was a great success.
upcoming missions...
Construction Campaign } Build
Guatemala | $1,650 | Mar 6 – Mar 15, 2014
The Team will construct a second floor addition to an existing sanctuary to provide housing for the Pastor and family plus additional Sunday School rooms. The second part of the team will conduct Bible Schools in several area churches.
Humanitarian Campaign } Serve
Guatemala | $1,650 | Mar 5 - Mar 14, 2014
The Team will be visiting three orphanages and three day care schools near Guatemala City. The Team will be conducting Vacation Bible School. We will provide medical services to the children in each facility. We will build, paint or repair, and/or upgrade existing facilities.
Medical Campaign } Heal
Nicaragua | $1,650 | Aug 7 - Aug 17, 2014
The Team will provide medical care for five small mountain villages and one larger town. Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, and Health Services Personnel are needed. Medical supplies are needed.
Humanitarian Campaign } Serve
Nicaragua | $1,650 | Apr 25 - May 3, 2014
Pastor training team. A pastoral training team will teach near 200 pastors and leaders in areas of Family Leadership, Hermaneutics, Sunday School administration, and Financial/legal administration
Humanitarian Campaign } Serve
Honduras | $1,650 | Jun 24 - Jul 2, 2014
The Team will work in three orphanages in Honduras near San Pedro Sula. All children and staffs will be treated by our medical team. Builders will work on repair and upgrades at each facility and children will be ministered to from God’s Word and ways.
Donations Are Tax Deductible
LENDAHAND Mission Teams is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation chartered in the state of Virginia and is recognized by the IRS.

* All donations are tax deductible.
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