"Undercover Patriot Author Laura Jenkins Infiltrates Anti-War Group; Rallies Concerned Citizens to Encourage Returning Veterans."
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About The Book | Undercover Patriot
Searching for a fresh start and the chance to make an impact, frustrated veterans advocate Laura Jenkins spends her summer infiltrating a zealous, rough and tumble band of anti-war protesters known as the Summer of Resistance. While observing protesters’ questionable leadership styles and disturbing tactics, Laura struggles to complete what seemed like a simple journalism assignment.

She turns to her faith, friendships with wounded soldiers, and memories of a dedicated, fallen hometown Marine for strength to finish her mission. This eyewitness account challenges young and old, veteran and civilian, to fight vigilantly for the service members who defend our basic freedoms.
“Citizen activist Laura Jenkins is wise beyond her years, challenging the elitist anti-war movement while devoting compassionate, practical insight to help America's service members. This tenacious work of guerilla journalism is an inspiration for future activists."

“With heart and honesty, this muck-raking Clara Barton delivers a riveting tale that exposes corruption, humbling heroism, and love.”
James O'Keefe
Founder, Project Veritas

“With heart and honesty, this muck-raking Clara Barton delivers a riveting tale that exposes corruption, humbling heroism, and love.”
Melanie Morgan
former ABC News Journalist
Co-author "American Mourning" and Co-Founder of Move America Forward
Meet Laura Jenkins, Author, Public Speaker
Laura Bush Jenkins is a small business owner, wife, and veterans advocate from Rome, NY. After high school, Laura moved to Washington, D.C. and traveled the country, coaching students in grassroots journalism and fundraising. During that time, she began a life-changing journey, encouraging and welcoming wounded soldiers outside the gates of Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Every Friday night for six years, Laura, her coworkers, and friends joined citizens from across America to thank veterans outside the hospital while a distracting group of protesters heckled nearby.

Hoping to test her journalism skills and make an impact, Laura followed anti-war protesters during a summer internship, tipping off organizations like the Red Cross, FBI, and Israeli embassy to their destructive plans. Her close friendships with wounded soldiers kept her grounded during and after this difficult time. While attending college and working full-time, Laura continued activating teams caring of students and young professionals to visit soldiers and encourage them.

During an outreach event delivering 3,000 Valentine’s Day roses to hospitalized soldiers, Laura enlisted the help of Mark, a focused, like-minded soldier who later became her husband.

Today Laura, Mark, and their son Theodore reside in North Carolina. They believe in giving back to service members and their families, and enjoy connecting with civic and home-school groups on how to help returning veterans and make a generational impact.

Laura Jenkins
Author | Public Speaker
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