We have been able to touch various communities through the diversity of our programs and the support of our members.
Our members work to enhance their business with a focus and ongoing goal of giving back.
Greater24, a positive news, media and information network inspired by PAOB's efforts to build better communities.
Greater24, positive goes global.
  Greater24 is an innovative positive social initiative started by the PAOB that has now grown into a multimedia, news and information network to revitalize, educate and motivate local citizens to build their better day every 24 hours. Currently, there have been few but successful social campaigns that include DARE, Don’t Drink & Drive, Don’t Text & Drive, Just Say No and others.

Unfortunately a majority of these campaigns predominately target youth. Greater24 is one of the first universal social initiatives to target all individuals and encourages them to focus on daily self-improvement and community involvement as the answer for a positive, progressive and safe society every 24 hours. Greater24 challenges the public to move forward through personal and community pledges to act; provides resources, and raises awareness through targeted news media.
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Ways to get invovled.  
Become A Supporter
  Supporters work to spread the message of Greater24 and it’s developments to their local area and beyond. Get involved is easy, from referring others to Greater24 to supporting through our social networks as a cyber advocate.
Become A Press Advocate
  Sign up to become a press advocate today and take the lead in creating awareness opportunities for Greater24, community projects and developments. 
Setup Greater24 Speaking Engagements
  Bring representatives from Greater24 to speak to your company, organization or community group about innovative methods to promote and build a postive community. 
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